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Singing My Heart Out: Stories from a Singing Telegram Performer

Have you ever wished you could reinvent yourself? Not where you live or what you look like but how much you color outside the lines? Maybe you dream of radically changing how you make your living, or you want to be more comfortable taking risks in your daily life.

This book is for you. It is full of entertaining stories about how Mardi Wareham transformed herself from living a conventional life as a corporate newsletter editor to living a singing telegram performer’s life — wearing a chicken costume and doing the chicken dance, wooing presidents of tech companies in her Marilyn Monroe get-up and inventing her own zany character based on Julia Child, the chef.

Singing My Heart Out is the best book on how to be a rule breaker instead of a rule follower.

Isn’t it time you reinvented yourself?

The Gorilla Says Yes!
Innovation in Six Steps

Mardi has contributed a lively chapter to a book published by members of the National Speakers Association (Austin chapter). To help your innovative juices flow, Mardi describes her program, Innovation in Six Steps.  The program offers specific, actionable steps to challenge the status quo and improve a process or product. You’ll obtain innovation faster than ever before.

Using the example of her gorilla telegram character, Mardi reveals how she used the six-step program to create a new character for her singing telegram business.

Eureka! The Singing Gorilla was born!

mardi wareham gorilla says yes book