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Mardi Wareham is a spirited storyteller who delivers a rousing program designed to inspire and uplift her audiences.

As CEO of Singing Telegrams of Austin, she personifies innovation and creativity. From the first time she put on a gorilla costume, she knew she wanted to disrupt the workplace!

She encourages people to take risks, be original and do more of what they love.  It also means they’ll be more productive and happier at work.

Unleash Your Inner Gorilla

Step outside your comfort zone and bring your passion to work!

What can you learn from a woman who dresses in a gorilla costume for a living? Plenty! This presentation is about stepping out of your comfort zone and breaking rules. It will inspire you to figure out what your passion is. And how to incorporate it into your daily work. Perfect for entrepreneurs, Millennials and businesspeople.

As sole proprietor and main performer at Singing Telegrams of Austin for more than 10 years, Mardi has a gorilla costume and a chicken costume in her closet, as well as Kermit the Frog, Julia Child, Queen Elizabeth and other characters. Learn how she went from working as a newsletter editor at an insurance company to beating on her chest and making monkey noises for a living. Her journey from rule follower to rule breaker will inspire you.

You were so easy to work with. You truly went above and beyond. You really thought about the entire experience.

Andy Sernovitz
CEO, GasPedal

Mardi, thank you for coming to our event. You were a huge hit — everyone loved it!

Jill Kilgore
Meeting Planner, GasPedal

Singing My Heart Out

Heart-warming and spine-tingling stories of a singing telegram performer

Perfect as banquet entertainment or as a humorous keynote at a conference. This presentation is rich in unique events that Mardi has experienced during her 10 years as a singing telegram performer. Like the times she was a singing goat for a design company and a giant, brilliant-white, singing tooth for a dentist’s Christmas party.

You’ll hear about her very first telegram, her favorite character to play, her most wonderful customer ever and her weirdest telegram. Along the way, you’ll glean some down-to-earth telegram wisdom. For what she has learned along the way is well worth sharing.

The Secret of Success:
Make ‘em Laugh

“Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere. “ - Van Wilder

What if there was one skill you could develop that would relieve stress at work, increase productivity and help you be more creative and innovative? That one skill is … making people laugh.

As comedian Lily Tomlin says, “Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it.” 

Being able to laugh frees you to think of creative, innovative solutions. It’s like creativity juice for your brain!

Laughter reduces muscle tension, exercises the heart and produces endorphins, which create feelings of euphoria and general well-being.

This speech blends scientific research with hilarious jokes and humorous stories. It suggests solutions to stress and introduces practical exercises for the audience to try out. Mardi Wareham has performed more than a thousand singing telegrams during her 10 years as CEO of Singing Telegrams of Austin.  As a professional entertainer she makes it her business to make people laugh!

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